yuna et stitch episodes

yuna et stitch episodes

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In the pilot episode, after the events of Leroy & Stitch, Lilo is now an adult and she has a boyfriend and a daughter, making Stitch to leave Hawaii and blast off into . New circumstances forces Lilo and her alien friends to part ways while Gantu and Dr. Van Hamsterviel create the Stitch clone, Leroy, in order to capture all of the . Stitch (also known by his species name and birth name Experiment 626, pronounced "six-two-six") is a . Yuna then gets ready, with Stitch throwing her everything she needs as the daily routine. Stitch then drives Yuna to school via tricycle. On the way, the two fail to . Title, Original airdate, First English airing, Summaries. 1, "Ichariba Chodei", October 8, 2008, The show's premiere episode.


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